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A Flame Extinguished: Of Dragons and Men

A Flame Extinguished: Of Dragons and Men

This can be a Recreation of Thrones fic. All rights belong to the copyright holders.

The air was warmer than in Winterfell, however not by a lot. Winter had come to all of Westeros and there was no hiding from it. I didn’t worry the chilly as what got here with it was far worse. It had been speculated that the hotter it was, the much less possible it was that the lifeless have been near. My own memory of past the Wall confirmed this. The White Walkers introduced with them a chilly that was beyond anything I knew.

I pulled again on the reigns as my horse grew nervous. It was as if it might sense the upcoming battle that was a distraction from the true menace. Jon was proper to be annoyed when individuals decided to concentrate on their own feuds as an alternative of what was truly essential. As soon as my steed was underneath control I seemed up at the sky. My eyes searched for a inexperienced dragon and a smile graced my face once I noticed him.

It had taken some encouragement to make Jon even contact Rhaegal. When my husband did experience it took no effort for him to command the creature. That they had been of one thoughts whereas working towards. Although there was all the time the worry that one thing would occur in battle and Jon would lose management. If he fell there can be nothing I might do to save lots of my love.
That wouldn’t occur. It couldn’t happen. Jon had a particularly good grip and I’d need to consider in that. If I didn’t I’d imagine him falling with a soundless scream earlier than he hit the bottom. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t Azor Ahai, what mattered was my love for him. If I couldn’t concentrate then how might I save Westeros?

I turned my sights again to the battlefield round me. We had came upon that the Golden Firm was making an attempt to sneak into Westeros. Jon had decided that maintaining White Harbor to the east and the Dreadfort to the North was the perfect strategy. I didn’t disagree and had guessed the place the Golden Firm would make landfall. The ocean was capable of be seen in the distance and the Dothraki have been rising anxious. Jon and the dragons would assault first and then we might are available after.

The Dothraki have been silent and didn’t voice their thoughts out loud. The few Stark soldiers, though, have been the other. Every now and then they started to speak. But once a Dothraki looked at them, they stopped. I most popular silence so I might calm myself. Silence earlier than a battle allowed one to concentrate on the upcoming bloodshed. While there was a plan I knew that would change at a moment’s notice. If one thing went fallacious I must make the correct call or danger every part.

“You are sure about this?” Jaime asked. “Why not land in White Harbor? They have the support of my sister.”

“The Golden Company have the ability to not draw attention.” I defined again. “Euron Greyjoy takes delight in inspiring fear.”

“Which means Cersei hasn’t gotten the news about Daenerys’ death. Or fears we can find some way to control the dragons.”

Before the dialog might proceed, there was a loud roar from Drogon. We began to run in the direction of the shore. I went over the timing in my head. We needed to be going the best velocity to satisfy up with the Golden Company. They had to land or else a couple of may escape. This menace needed to be handled now.

Rhaegal and Drogon dove right down to assault the ships. Once I was close sufficient I might see that half of the Golden Company wasn’t capable of battle. A destroyed ship was by no means a sign that each one on had perished, although. Hopefully any survivors wouldn’t be capable of battle in this battle.

Jaime, myself, and the Northerners held again as the Dothraki attacked. It all the time amazed me how primal and expert the nomads have been. It was a slaughter and I doubted there can be any pleasure for me. The Lannister’s expression seemed to echo my very own thoughts.

I lead my males as I noticed a number of of the sellswords make their means by means of the Dothraki line. It was strange preventing on horseback and yet there was no different choice for me. There weren’t enough individuals to guard each horse during this battle. Although the preventing type didn’t feel pure to me, I managed to carry my own.

The man shortly determined to stop buying and selling blows with me. His new goal was my horse. This technique was more durable to defend myself towards. While the Dothraki appeared to be one with their mounts, my horse was a separate entity from me. Every now and again the sellsword would land a blow. After a couple of minutes I made a decision to surrender utilizing my sword and used my steed. I rigorously calculated my meant transfer and then made my horse rise up on its hind legs. The man wasn’t capable of move in time and considered one of my horse’s hooves landed the killing blow.

Once I regained enough control of my horse, I noticed that the sellswords that had broken via have been all lifeless. My attention then went to those still preventing the Dothraki. Reminiscences of my time in the Golden Company got here back to me. If I had never left it might have been me preventing Jon’s men. It might have been me that was preventing on the aspect of Cersei Lannister. If that have been the case I wouldn’t care about any sides. All I might care about was the money. Those ideas sickened me. Focus, Jorah. Focus.

“Doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much action.” Certainly one of my males complained. “The Dothraki and the dragons will leave nothing for us.”

I understood their bloodlust. While part of me was glad the plan was going so smoothly, one other half loathed having nothing to do. My senses have been on alert for something to do. More might break by way of and there was nothing improper with consuming scraps at such a small meal.

“House Greyjoy.” I stated beneath my breath.
Euron Greyjoy’s fleet was now approaching the shore. He had let the Golden Company thin down our ranks earlier than coming himself. It wasn’t an act of cowardice as he’d need to focus mainly on the dragons. Let other individuals cope with the lesser of two issues. A heat went by means of my physique as I noticed a large part of the struggle may come my means. Until Jon was capable of maintain the fleet. House Greyjoy could be formidable at sea, but they must bow beneath the power of dragons.

There was murmurings of excitement as different shortly found out that they might satiate their bloodlust. When the primary Greyjoy ship slammed onto shore, a feat because it was mostly on hearth, the Dothraki rushed in the direction of it. But they soon wanted assist from the North. The Greyjoys leaping off the flaming ship have been fierce creatures. It was as if they have been demons.

A Greyjoy shot my horse the moment one of many Golden Company managed a lethal blow to my horse. I jumped off and rolled. The sounds of my horse’s leg being broken and falling over lifeless have been softened by the chaotic sounds around me. The moment I stood up a sellsword attacked me.

He favored robust offensive maneuvers with out too much care about defensive ones. This is able to’ve been a problem if he have been older. But his youth made him extremely formidable. It was a tense struggle until an arrow went via his neck. There was no level preventing him now and so I went for my next target.

The battle turned extra fierce and but I might sense its end. I was coated with blood and a couple of cuts of my very own. Nicks from swords the place I had barely gotten away. It was exciting and I yelled out when Drogon cried out. Jaime was shut by and he shook his head. He had also lost his horse and was on the lookout for a solution to go further again. I had fought and gained towards him earlier than, yet he not might struggle like he used to.

I made my approach in the direction of him. My course was slowed down on account of having to battle off Greyjoys. Longclaw blocked a blow that might’ve killed Jaime. He seemed up at me and we ran collectively. It was inconceivable to make it to where the Lannister can be protected. The most effective place I might take him was to where he might disguise behind some corpses.

“Thank you, Jorah.” Jaime stated.

I didn’t reply as his thanks wasn’t essential. For now I needed to concentrate on the battle. While it was sure Jon would win, I didn’t need to danger more losses than I had to. We would wish many males to even hope to defeat the Night time King.

My eyes shortly found a Greyjoy vessel that wasn’t in flames and had landed. In contrast to the burning ships, this one would have extra males that would focus higher. Simply once I was going to attack the Greyjoy that was closest to me, I observed one thing was fallacious. In between assaults, I seemed up at the sky. Drogon and Rhaegal have been attacking the incorrect aspect!

As an alternative of attacking Euron Greyjoy’s fleet, they have been attacking Jon’s military. Someway the dragons have been being manipulated as they wouldn’t hurt me or my men. Whereas they have been fierce creatures, they have been also extremely intelligent. Drogon and Rhaegal revered me resulting from their mother loving me.

“Jon!” I yelled out as I shoved my sword via a Greyjoy’s chest. “Jon!”

If Daenerys’ youngsters have been being manipulated then Jon was in peril. Even if he was capable of maintain on, there can be Euron to cope with after the battle. My husband was an excellent fighter however the Greyjoy was more bloodthirsty. Jon a minimum of had an understanding of worry while Euron craved nothing but spreading that emotion. There had to be a approach to save the dragons and Jon.

“The dragons have gone mad!” One of many Stark soldiers shouted.

“Euron must have found a way to control them.” I stated as I fought beside him.

“Or maybe you’ve finally lost control of them.”

“I have known them since they hatched. This isn’t like them.”

I might see that the person wasn’t satisfied. We have been quickly separated as Drogon began respiration hearth around us. The only thing that mattered now was our survival. Even for me it was enough worry to make me overlook all the things. Once my ft took me away from the flames did the reality come back to me. Even people who had survived Drogon’s attack might be shortly taken out because of our confusion.

A sellsword’s blade almost pierced my neck because I had been distracted. Then my anger helped me disarm him and I used to be capable of finding a quick second of peace. Whatever was controlling the dragons can be on the ships. They have been far enough from the battle that they might cover an item.

I couldn’t give attention to the mysterious merchandise as there was a extra instant menace. My worry and despair modified themselves into anger. If Jon and I have been to die immediately, then I might make Euron and Cersei pay dearly for their victory. They might take a look at their losses and marvel if power had been value it. Then the Night time King would kill them as they realized their foolishness.

My anger gave me such power that I reduce off a man’s head with one swipe. One of many Greyjoys seemed up at me and ran. Should I’m going after him? No, no. There have been enough lives to say without him. A smile came to visit my face and I laughed.

“Ser Jaime!” I heard a voice cry.
My ft almost pulled me over to him but I ended. The main target had to be on discovering the merchandise. It needed to be Dragonbinder. As I had a second to give attention to the sounds round me, I finally heard the faint sound of a horn.

There was nothing however desperation left. The one factor I might consider doing was to board one of the Greyjoy ships. Fortunately a great majority of the lads have been off to battle the battle on land. I grunted as a person was capable of knock me towards the railing. He had a smug look on his face. If Dragonbinder wasn’t found then he would have earned that vanity.

“Ser Jorah Mormont,” The Greyjoy sneered. “I wanted to kill Daenerys but I’ll take you.”

“Someone already killed her.” I stated and judged how greatest to kill him.

“She’s de-”

Earlier than he might end his sentence he was distracted. The Greyjoy fleet seemed divided now. Was there a mutiny towards Euron? Rhaegal attacked the ship and I jumped off. The Greyjoy, though, was burned before he might react. My armor stored pulling me down but I stored swimming. There was no purpose for me to proceed dwelling as Jon can be lifeless quickly and Daenerys was ready for me. The gods must discover another Azor Ahai if they really needed the dwelling to win.

My arms grabbed at one of the ships. I didn’t care if it was one among Euron’s or not. My arms and legs slowly pulled me up the ship. The moment I sprawled on deck it was clear I used to be on one of the rebel ships. Air pressured its method into my lungs and the question of why continued to haunt me.

“Ser Jorah?” A acquainted voice requested.

That voice…I had heard it on Dragonstone. When my eyes have been capable of focus once more I noticed Euron. He wasn’t alive, although, as it seemed like he had been brutally mutilated earlier than dying. I appeared up and noticed Theon Greyjoy together with his sister behind him. He held out a hand to help me up.

“Dragonbinder.” I stated.

“We know.” Yara replied. “Unfortunately Euron wasn’t kind enough to have it on this ship. He decided to leave it with someone else.”

“That was a wise decision. It gives anyone who dares to attack three things to contend with: dragons, Euron himself, and his men.”

I had by no means met Yara earlier than. Once I had been capable of reunite with Daenerys, Yara had already been captured by Euron. Khaleesi had all the time spoke of the Greyjoy with respect and I might understand why. The lady was cold and robust as any man. She had the power of a ruler in her. She would put worry into any enemy of House Greyjoy.

“We need to find it quickly.” Theon stated. “We can explain later.”

Yara nodded and soon we have been passing by each ship. It had shortly been determined that Dragonbinder can be in clear view so the blower would know which commands to provide. Each time we needed to assault a ship gave the blower more time to cause much more chaos. It was hopeless.

Out of the blue it was as if the horn was calling out to me. A foul fragrance was coming into my nose. As an alternative of being repelled, there was a fantastic want in me to comply with it. It was extra clarity than my poor soul deserved.

“There!” I pointed to one of many ships on the outskirts of the fleet.

“How do you know?” Yara asked.

“I smell it.”

“We don’t have another options.” Theon identified. “We can’t keep going from ship to ship.”
Yara nodded and directed the ship to where I pointed. It was exhausting to get to the ship as we had to avoid fights. This was demoralizing to the Greyjoys, at the least that was my assumption, as they have been a House of fighters. They have been supposed to hunt out fights, not run from them.

“I’ll be ******.” Yara stated as soon as we got here in clear view of the ship.

On the bow a lady was blowing a horn. It was a stupendous thing and had most certainly been utilized by the Dragonlords in Previous Valyria. But now it was a cursed object and the enemy. The crew of the ship had observed us and the deadly wingbeats of dragons came ever nearer to us. A few men shot arrows at the individuals around me but stored on lacking. I heard the dragons come closer and knew our time was almost up.

There was a heat on my chest the place my necklace lay as I imagined Dragonbinder being destroyed. Theon and Yara let loose gasps as a ray of light got here out of my chest. It went straight in the direction of Dragonbinder and the cursed object was destroyed. It didn’t burn or break, it just evaporated. The ship rocked as the dragons pulled up.

“How did you do that?” Yara requested.

“I…I don’t know.” I answered. “I wanted Dragonbinder to be destroyed and it was.”

The battle was over quickly after that. Home Greyjoy shortly realized Yara was their new chief as Euron was lifeless and Dragonbinder destroyed by magical means. Word shortly unfold that I used to be an excellent magic consumer which made the Greyjoys even more desperate to aspect with Yara. The Golden Firm stored refusing to give up in order that they needed to be killed. A waste of life and a misuse of honor. Yet there was nothing I might do about it.

“How is Jon, Jaime?” I asked.

“Once you finish up with your duties you can see.” The Lannister replied. “He is alive, though I think he’s greatly shaken. They’re saying you can use magic now.”

“I’m Azor Ahai. I guess I used my gifts.”
“Well start using them on purpose and we’ll be unstoppable.”

Yes, if I might only use my talents on function then I’d be a pressure of legends. But I didn’t understand how I had destroyed Dragonbinder. Merely prepared one thing to happen didn’t appear to work. After the battle I had tried prepared things to happen with no success.

“And if that doesn’t work?” I requested feigning nonchalance.

“Well, I guess we’ll try luck.” Jaime answered.