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Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast 2019: 10 expert predictions

Expert forecasts for freelance writing in 2019.

Questioning what you possibly can focus on your efforts to seek out good paid freelance writing in 2019?

Let's begin with the apparent. It isn’t content material mills or promotional sites, and by no means comes. (Check out last yr's forecast, and I feel you will notice that it has been true for some time.)

When you’ve got spent some time, you’ll solely obtain more comparable freelance writing

Good news. There has never been a better time to be a freelance writer. Should you do it proper, you’ll be able to undoubtedly make a dwelling script.

Merchants and specialty magazines all the time require writers. And every legit company tries to capture a bit of their market wants content material: blogs, net web page copy, case studies, e mail campaigns, and so on.

So what does freelance writing jobs predict to appear to be 2019?

This yr, I’ve met a wide range of commentators, like other coaches, freelance specialists and freelance writers – and not everyone agrees about what 2019 will convey. Study these 10 expert predictions that may make it easier to rise up and earn extra.

1. Advertising Moxie makes a distinction

Peter Bowerman
Copywriting Expert and Writer of The Properly-Fed Writer

  Bowerman: Forecast for Freelance Writing 2019


Because of increased competitors from new writers getting into the market, a strong understanding of gross sales and advertising The essential parts are the best way to go within the herd.

You possibly can make certain that the 4 cornerstones under are all the time necessary. Use them in your work and make you a greater writer, marketer, and enterprise skilled.

  • Audience: If you want to create effective advertising communications materials, ask sufficient inquiries to study to whom you’re speaking, what’s necessary to them, what to keep them at night time and what they get to notice and take action.
  • Options Benefit Equation: Features are all about product, service, or enterprise info. Advantages are things which might be most necessary to a potential purchaser: profitability, aggressive benefit, improved status, way of life benefits, and so on. In all advertising materials, begin with advantages, comply with the qualities.
  • Unique Sales Supply: What does a buyer's product / service do better, quicker or extra successfully than competition? Regardless, make it possible for all the promotional supplies which might be targeted to your ideally suited viewers discuss it.
  • Curse of Information: Definition? "The curse of knowledge is a cognitive party, where it is extremely difficult for more knowledgeable people to think about problems from the point of view of the less informed." as they really do, the curse of data is at work. The antidote? Every time it is necessary to effectively talk info to another person, return to the venture and use this components:

    • If I don't know something about this matter (very attainable)
    • Was something else within the center when this exceeded the path (very possible)
    • Was your brief consideration (a), would I get it quick? If not, do it again until you’ll be able to say "yes".

    2. It's time to manage your area of interest

    Damon Brown
    Writer, speaker, marketing consultant and entrepreneur

      Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast: Brown


    Make your personal model Freelancers convey their identify (and weight) to publications, not vice versa. Your voice is much more essential than the publications you provide. The stronger the following e-mails, social media or speaking, the extra strategic you could be about charging your providers. viewers. This yr, make yourself recognized a few specific difficulty. I, in addition to a contract journalist and a profitable entrepreneur, and it provides me a chance to stand out from a singular perspective.

    Take away and Compress Providers: Lengthy-term colleague Jeanette Harm and I wrote "Passive Writer: 5 Ways to Earn Money for Your Sleep" to assist freelancers recognize their expertise granted. Good photographs, robust interview expertise or other issues we do every single day may be distinguished and bought to assist others. Passive and / or semi-passive revenue is a fair greater theme in 2019.

    3. Conventional freelance returns

    Linda Formichelli
    Freelance Writer and Model Advertising Specialist

      Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast 2019: Formichelli


    Back to freelance roots: Return more freelance writers to their roots: Writing. For many years, there was an ideal development in the direction of a lot of income streams, passive revenue, educating and training, and so on. But I see that the writers who spread themselves too skinny have returned. The authors start to know that it is easier and more worthwhile to give attention to a handful of high-paying literary shoppers than lots of of scholars, ebook consumers, and so forth.

    Extra outsourcing: assistants, using low cost transcription platforms and hiring elements of our advertising.

    t Some elements of the print journal hit, but others, similar to model publications and digital first-time magazines, are on the rise. So for those who all the time needed to write down magazines, but felt like it was a lifeless subject, come see one other one.

    four. Podcast demand for freelance writers rise

    Elaine Grant
    Podcast content material writer and coach

      Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast 2019: Grant


    Podcast Power: Predict 2019 is the Yr When Extra Freelancers to seek out opportunities to put in writing skilled podcast networks, each established and future.

    At present, over 550,000 podcasts are released in giant purposes, comparable to Apple Podcast and Google Play, that are rising up from 2017 and are anticipated to develop

    As the listener (both numbers and engagement) will increase, the podcast world is changing professional. Whereas this makes life more aggressive for indie podcast producers, it gives fascinating alternatives for writers who understand easy methods to write scripted content in the ear – principally a special talent than typing on the web page.

    Opportunities to Write Scripts: Freelancers Have Alternatives for Each Long Time period Written Content material – ie Story-Based mostly Durations which are at the least 22 minutes – and in a really brief type. Ready to rise, especially in two or five minute podcasts, as a result of networks are increasingly sharing podcasts for clever audio system.

    Keep in mind, writing an amazing two-minute story may be as difficult as an entertaining 30-minute piece. Final Observe: Writers who also can edit audio are more in demand than without audio expertise. Also, storing and maintaining expertise can make writers more marketable even when they are much less wanted.


    Shanon Lee
    Survivor activist & story collector

     Prediction of Freelance Writing Jobs 2019: Lee We Cease How Printing Books Transfer to Digital and Determine

    We've seen articles developed for podcasts , stay exhibits, TV exhibits and films – so we’ve to keep this in mind once we create and boast stories.

    The world has changed, and readers are still demanding stories that mirror their experiences which were written in their communities. Publications that ignore this are less aggressive and are left behind.

    6. Your success is dependent upon area of interest advertising

    Chris Marlow
    Unique copywriter coach

      Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast 2019: Marlow


    You possibly can copy writing by separating shoppers from the gang.

    ] Virtually 134,000 copywriters are in search of freelance work immediately. If you wish to compete in in the present day's marketplace, you possibly can't make primary, conventional advertising and hope out of the gang.

    How does it stand out from the gang? The reply to this query is in you; You must discover uniqueness. In addition, you have to create your advertising expertise and use at present's most refined advertising instruments and methods if you want to work with high-paying clients.

    To keep away from mediocre leads to "We Too Marketing", the copywriter should discover that the cross-section between these which might be unique can also be among at the moment's clients. Every copywriter is exclusive and while 100 copywriters work in the same niche, none of them ought to be the same advertising plan.

    7. Customer Coaching is a New Buyer Service

    Robert McGuire
    Founder of the nation 1099

      Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast 2019: McGuire


    Many freelancers are waking up to their potential clients having no expertise in hiring and working with freelancers.

    They don't need to insure the quality of their work so much that they need to guarantee you that we work nicely together. Profitable freelancers are essential and planning advertising supplies, their gross sales process and the service they offer to acknowledge this info.

    For instance, if we sell them in a course of they are proud of, then we’re able greater than consultants and guides, they buy extra, they usually pay a premium.

    8. It is time to benefit from your personal model

    Ryan Robinson
    Entrepreneur, author, content marketer

      Freelance Writing Forecast 2019: Robinson


    Although increasingly corporations are shifting in the direction of contractual phrases


    I feel 2019 might be a yr when (much more) freelancers perceive that it is very important have a robust personal model.

    Your private model isn’t just a solution to send your personal opinions to the world. It is an extremely useful gizmo to differentiate your self from the sea of ​​other freelancers who have comparable jobs.

    9. Freelance bubble is about pop

    Alisha Tillery
    Freelance Author and Editor

      Forecast for Freelance Writing Jobs 2019: Tillery


    The freelancer bubble is near popping. In trade for freedom, flexibility and supposed freelance benefits, the market is bored.

    Bigger corporations proceed to decrease their costs and, sadly, proceed to pay freelancers late, if in any respect. This causes a shift again to the normal workforce for many.

    Up there are freelancers with a wide range of relevant expertise (printed and digital) that can keep enterprise relationships that rise to the highest.

    10. 2019 Group Yr

    Carol Tice
    Founding father of Freelance Writers Den

      Freelance Writing Jobs Forecast 2019: Tice


    I'll name the 2019 group. In case you are critical about earning a life as a freelance writer, don't do this alone!

    Faucet your author group for a contract success

    When the financial system begins to deceive, it is the key when there is a giant group of references, worth info, and moral help. Watch out for many on-line faux specialists in freelance who’ve never worked in the course of the economic downturn (ie they began freelance after 2011). As an alternative, rely on long-term freelancers who have recognized robust occasions.

    Outline the market nicely and sharpen your advertising – it's necessary as a result of the redundant staff come to the freelance market and make straightforward, low cost writing straightforward to get decrease and harder to get

    Get to work and study to seek out higher clients. Shifting to more refined products for larger clients, similar to customer digital books, white papers, and content material downloads, will place you in a zone the place costs stay robust, regardless of what the financial system is doing. Former journalists are doing their good job again for storytelling

    What do your freelance writing tasks predict for 2019? Depart a comment under and talk about it.

    Evan Jensen is the editor of the Make the Dwelling Writing blog. When he isn’t writing the deadline or at once, he is training one other 100 kilometer ultramarathon

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