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Twelve gorgeous, sexy, brilliant couples of all ages

Twelve gorgeous, sexy, brilliant couples of all ages

This piece by Sesshoumaru x Kagura, Kouga x Sango, Bankotsu x Kagome, Shuran x Ayumi, Hakkaku x Karan, Inuyasha x Ayame, Ginta x Shunran, Baki x Rosé, Ichiro x Rose, Kiibo x Winry, Ippo x Maya, and Kintaro x Solty Fans is devoted to Amulet-Voltaire, ShegoXP, AnimeCouples1992, CrystalLineD, Impmon282, Miouk, Lavance, Teacupballer, Creativegirl64, TakaneTan, Lance-the-Younger, AuronTsubaki1985, Suriael , brifight, Kiciaukens, pumpkinpeaches1, streaksketcher, Moonstone27, Pronon1990, Vega-Sailor-Cosplay, streetgals9000, dawn-refia, kcra123, UsaRitsu, ep462, Strawberry-of-Love, QueenOfTheCute and Klumitimea then. I hope you all had such fantastic, brilliant and great birthdays, and I want you a lot love, pleasure, happiness, power, braveness, abundance and wealth in your life as artists and other people. Unprecedented celebrations, espero qué hayís tenido and cumpleaños muy magnificas, brilliantes y Grandes amo, Alegia, Felicidad, fuerza, coraje, abundancia en vuestras Vidas Como Artistas y. I might also wish to own this for the fantastic senders of SessKagu, KouSa, BanKag, ShuAyu, Hakkar, InuAya, GinShun, BakiRosé, IchiRose, KiiWin, IpMay and KinSol. So, sit back, chill out and soak in all these couples with sexiness, lovability, appeal, magnificence, majesty and greatness.

Women and Gents! Boys and girls! Hardcore anime editors for all ages! I present to you all of my twelve favorite pairs of some anime performances that I grew up watching from my solution to youngsters and people I take pleasure in at the moment in Inuyasha, Baki Grappler, Shootfighter Tekken, Hajime no Ippo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ultra Maniac, Detective Faculty Q and Solty Rei. See and Have fun Your Eyes, Ears, Hearts, Minds, and Souls The Sensational Sesshoumaru x Kagome of Senseo Saru Sango's Smoothness, Bankotsu x Kagome's Love, Shuran x Ayum's Fuzzy Heat, Hakkaku x Karan, Inuyasha x Ayame's Nice Magnificence, Ginta x Shunran's lovable sweetness, Baki x Rosé authenticity, Ichiro x Rose's sexuality, Chip x Winry's fantastic cute, Ippo x Mayan's absolute loyalty and Kintaron's x Glitter's wholesome health

So, gladly, listed here are some of the enjoyable machines I’ve in store for these for phenomenal couples I really like so much.

As well as, all these couples have twelve youngsters. Yes, as a result of I'm so obsessive about the number twelve. So we get cracking now

Sesshoumaru x Kagura: Nobly Steamy Sensuality Incarnate

38-year-old Sesshoumaru and 36-year-old Kagura have been married for nineteen years and have taken 27 years of age Rin and 26-year-old Shippou as their own youngsters. Along with being their own youngsters, Rin and Shippou are additionally proud mother and father of the 19-year-old triplet, Motoharu, Mitsuhi and Matsuhigi, 18-year-old twin boy Heishiro and Norihiton, 17-year-old daughter Setsuko. , 16-year-old Sachiko, 15-year-old Ritsuko, 14-year-old Nobuko and 13-year-old Sayaka. The oldest youngsters Rin, Shippou, Motoharu, Mitsuhide, Matsuhige, Heishiro, Norihito, Setsuko, Sachiko and Ritsuko are at present married to 30 years previous Kohaku, 25-year-old Souten, 18-year-old Yuriko, 17-year-old Otohime, 16-year-old Megumi, 15-year-old Mayumi, 14-year-old Nozomi and 19-year-old male triplets Hidetora, Harutaka and Ieyasu, the place the latter eight are youngsters Kuranosuke Takeda and Kaguya are subsequently equally proud of Kohaku and Rin, Shippou and Souten, Motoharu and Yurikko, Mitsuhi and Otohim, The ladies of Matsuhigi and Megum, Heishiro and Mayum, Norihito and Nozom, Hidetora and Setsuko, Harutaka and Setsukon, Harutaka and Setsuko and Ieyasu and Sachiko's youngsters

reasons to be her husband. Sesshoumaru, then again, discovered Kagura's willpower, deadly accuracy and actually targeted on the purpose where he enjoyed seeing himself rejecting the demon. On the other aspect of the coin, Rin and Shippou needed to get a extra secure household that convinced Sesshoumaru to marry Kagura. Sesshoumaru has not hesitated to ask Kagura that he’s married, because he thinks he has longed for freedom, happiness and well being. By way of this marriage, based mostly on love, respectable furnishings and obligation, Sesshoumaru solely ruled the Lord of the West, but he also has a Western Woman with him together with many of his heirs.

All of their youngsters, Rin, Shippou, Motoharu, Mitsuhide, Matsuhige, Heishiro, Norihito, Setsuko, Sachiko, Ritsuko, Nobuko and Sayaka have grown to define, focus, daring fighters who can use either their swords, spears, claws, and / or or or fist to provide your enemies several reasons to surrender. In addition, the oldest grandchildren of Sesshoumaru and Kagura study ropes from Kohaku, Rin, Shippo and Souten, how they’re noble, determined fighters who can combine power, agility and velocity to withstand and win opponents. The younger grandchildren they get from their younger youngsters enjoy the family of their large household.

Kouga x Sango: Robust, determined, robust and loving absolute hedge for each Other

37-year-old Kouga and 36-year-old Sango have been married for nineteen years 29-year-old Kai and 25-year-old Shinta as their own youngsters, and are 19-year-old triplet boys Ryuya, Ryohei and Jouji, 18-year-old twin son Issei and Fumihiko, 17-year-old daughter Fujiko, 16-year-old Tomoko, 16-year-old Tomoko, 15-year-old daughters, 15-year-old Takako, 14-year-old Ranko and 13-year-old Hanako. Kai, Shinta, Ryuya, Ryohei, Jouji, Issei, Fumihiko, Fujiko, Tomoko and Takako are at present married to 27-year-old Mizuk, 24-year-old Aista, 17-year-old double woman from Kiyom and Kanak, 16-year-old Sumire, 14- years previous Itsuki, 13-year-old Tamaki and 19-year-old male triplet Genjiro, Kaijiro and Itachi, with the latter eight being youngsters of Hiten and Toran

Back once they have been really young, Kouga and Sango have been so full of skepticism how they have been with each other, particularly contemplating that Kouga had a status for bloodthirst and Sango was and still is a demon killer. Over time, they began to admire one another as to who they are, and Kouga admires Sango for his energy, beauty, toughness, resilience, braveness and adaptability, and Sango finds Kougan to be roguishly engaging, really instinctive and hard. They even knew each other as people with Kouga's understanding and enthusiasm for the loss of the Sango family and household, and Sango realized how a lot Kouga was making an attempt to show himself in a troublesome world with a dwelling good friend when he needed someone to take heed to him rather more. Once they ended up as a married couple, Kai and Shinta thought-about it appropriate as Kouga and Sango youngsters, so Kouga was really proud to be his favorite oldest son and made Sango euphoric to get Shinta probably the most. beloved younger boy. Kouga and Sango have together turn into a pair of brave warriors who assure their talents in their ubiquitous tribes Kai, Shinta, Ryuya, Ryohei, Jouji, Issei, Fumihiko, Fujiko, Tomoko, Takako, Ranko and Hanako.

Talking of their youngsters, Kai, Shinta, Ryuya, Ryohei, Jouji, Issei, Fumihiko, Fujiko, Takako, Ranko and Hanako have grown into onerous, robust, decided, proud warriors who love the awesome beating and do not end in any approach to use martial arts their expertise to current their enemies. As well as, Kougan and Sango's oldest grandchildren, Kai, Mizuk, Shinto, and Aista, have grown into obscene, brutal, however pleasant bundles of pleasure who want to be as robust as their mother and father and grandparents. The younger their grandchildren are, they only benefit from the shower-loving surroundings and may't anticipate them to be as robust, fast, and athletic as all the adults in the household

Bankotsu x Kagome Higurashi: Exciting Synergy and Shocking Shock for one mighty

36-year-old Bankotsu and 34-year-old Kagome have been married for nineteen years, accepted a 27-year-old Hakudousi and a 26-year-old Kanna are their youngsters, and they are Daisuke, Daichi, the son of a 19-year-old triplet and Jinpach, 18-year-old twin boy Jotaro and Hideon, 17-year-old daughter Ginjiko, proud mother and father, 16-year-old Haruko, 15-year-old Hokuto, 14-year-old Hiroko and 13-year-old Asako. Hakudoushi, Kanna, Daisuke, Daichi, Jinpachi, Jotaro, Hideo, Ginjiko, Haruko and Hokuto are presently married to 26-year-old Satsuk, 28-year-old Souta Higurashi, 17-year-old Namiko, 16-year-old Yuzuk, 15-year-old twin women Chinatsu and Chiyoko, 14-year-old Izumi and 19-year-old male triplets Kiyoyuki, Kazuhara and Kyohei, with the latter eight being youngsters of Miroko and Kikyou,

Kagome has grown all the time to admire Bankots for his power as a perfect fighter and a gorgeous lure, what makes him a supply of inspiration for Kagoma to sharpen his personal preventing expertise, which aren’t restricted to archery, but in addition by partaking in battle with the sword and utilizing his personal naked arms as weapons. Bankotsu, however, admired Kagome all the time for her edging, flexibility and willingness to find out how she might better herself as an individual. Collectively, they study to stand on their planet, receive compassion for one another, take duty for their actions, and find fun for every job they do. Outdoors this fascinating dynamics, Hakudoushi and Kanna have been in search of a home for fairly a while and have all the time been watching Banko for his courage, perseverance and power and Kagom as a result of he is attentive, versatile and attentive. When Bankotsu and Kagome acquired married, they have been very euphoric to call Hakudous and Kana as their own youngsters to the purpose the place Hakudoushi needed to imitate Bankots and his army methods and Kanna needed to mimic Kagome's means of supporting others and making buddies. [19659002] Their youngsters Hakudoushi, Kanna, Daisuke, Daichi, Jinpachi, Jotaro, Hideo, Ginjiko, Haruko, Hokuto, Hiroko and Asako have grown into highly effective, flexible, versatile fighters, expert in numerous martial arts, archery, sword battle, sport and different bodily activities. The grandchildren of Bankotsu and Kagome from Hakudoush, Satsuk, Souta and Kaan are reluctant to be stronger and stronger fighters. As for the younger grandchildren, they will't anticipate them to be the flexible fighters that their grandparents and fogeys really like

Shuran x Ayumi: A enjoyable, loving, loving couple who performs effectively every Different ]

36-year-old Shura and 34-year-old Ayumi have been married for nineteen years and are proud, loving 19-year-old triplet boys Ryoga, Saiga and Touya older, 18-year-old twin boys Nobutoshi and Hikaru, 17- aged son Masaru, 16-year-old twin daughters Asami and Chieko, 15-year-old daughters Yomiko and Tsukiko, 14-year-old daughter Riko, and 13-year-old daughter Meiko. Ryoga, Saiga, Touya, Nobutoshi, Hikaru, Masaru, Asami, Chieko, Yomiko and Tsukiko are at present married to 16-year-old twin women from Reiki and Ryok, 15-year-old twin women Sayumi and Suzue, 14-year-old Yukiko, 13- aged Akane, 19-year-old twin boys Tetsuya and Takuma, and 18-year-old twin boys Nokoru and Yusuke, daughters of Hakkak and Karan and the eldest son.

Ayumi has actually been fascinated by the adventures of Kagome in Feudal Japan and he thought it might be fun if he noticed this world and what it was. So, Ayumi, who was drained of his mundane life, determined to go to Bone Eater's Properly and located himself in a world that was astonishing for him. When Ayumi initially met Shuran, he was scared of his large measurement and ruthless super-strength. Nevertheless, he poured out the braveness to strategy him and see that he was not all dangerous. The truth is, he was very protecting of him when he used his power to overthrow the demons who dared to attack him. Via this experience, Ayumi noticed that Shuran's crude, wild man's character was a smooth, delicate teddy bear from a man who was so mild to Ayum and made him giggle. Shura still discovered to look over the small measurement of Ayum and see a younger lady full of sass, afraid of saying her mind, splendidly courageous and type and gracious. These are the features that Shura liked and all the time loves in Ayum. At the end of the day, they have been married and nonetheless dwelling with wealth and abundance.

Their youngsters Ryoga, Saiga, Touya, Nobutoshi, Hikaru, Masaru, Asami, Chieko, Yomiko, Tsukiko, Riko and Meiko have grown into powerful, powerful fighters who are also gracious to others who need it. Their grandchildren, in flip, have proven a lot potential as bold fighters they’re once they grow up.

Hakkaku x Karan: candy and spicy loving to the degree

35-year-old Hakkaku and 34-year-old Kara have been married for nineteen years and are proud, loving Nokoru and Yusuke, older than 18 years previous boys, 19-year-old boys Tetsuya and Takuma, 17-year-old twin boys Kenichi and Ikimaru, 16-year-old twin women Reiko and Ryoko, 15-year-old daughters Sayumi and Suzue, 14-year-old daughter Yukiko and 13 years previous daughter Akane. The 2 oldest sons and all of their daughters, however, are married to Shuran and Ayumi's daughters and the three oldest boys.

Karan has all the time discovered Hakkaku charming, amusing and good-looking in a really unusual method. When Hakkaku found Karan all the time rambunctious, feisty, witty and arduous. On the end of the day, they have all the time admired each other for who they’re they usually might have acquired it in another means. Typically they might even shock each other so that Hakkaku protected Karan from some of the snake demons and used his personal raw power to win them, so Karan was very grateful for someone being as robust and pleasant as Hakkaku. Hakkaku has also fascinated Karan's fearlessness and agility, particularly when he launched his hearth to his opponents, and he holds these features of Karan's greatest features. Despite opposing personalities, that they had a long-lasting, loving relationship based mostly on trust, understanding, and absolute loyalty.

Their youngsters Tetsuya, Takuma, Nokoru, Yusuke, Kenichi, Ikimaru, Reiko, Sayumi, Suzue, Yukiko and Akane have grown up as rambunctious, fun, kind-hearted fighters who show so much physical endurance and workforce unity in battle. Their grandchildren attempt as little as they are, making an attempt to point out as a lot endurance as their grandparents and fogeys.

Inuyasha x Ayame: Genuine, Absolute, Actual Love, Conquering All Boundaries

36-year-old Inuyasha and 33-year-old Ayame have been married for nineteen years and are robust, proud, loving twelve-year-old mother and father of 18-year-old boys from Masataka and Masaya. Kenta and Keita, 17-year-old twin boys Kaito and Kazuhiko, 16-year-old twin-daughter and son Momoko and Motomu, 15-year-old twin-daughter Makoto and Mikoto, 14-year-old Maya and 13-year-old – Minako. Masataka, Masaya, Kenta, Keita, Kaito, Kazuhiko, Momoko, Motomu, Makoto and Mikoto are married to the 16-year-old twin women Sakura and Sawako, 15-year-old twin women Kokoro and Katsuho. years previous Sentaro, 13-year-old Sunako, 19-year-old male twins Tatsuo and Takeru, 18-year-old twins Junichiro and Joichiro, daughters of Gat and Shunran, youngest son and two elders

As long as both of them keep in mind, Inuyasha and Ayame knew a real, unobtrusive relationship with each other. Ever since Ayame was slightly woman, she was previously so frightened when demonic birds stored her in ruins. On the reverse, Inuyasha drove a demon flock when he was slightly boy. Until he noticed Ayamen at risk of deciding to be stronger than anybody else, he threw the birds together with his own claws. He promised Ayama that he was the strongest fighter prior to now, profitable every struggle for him, and taking him as a spouse. So from childhood to youth, their relationship and physicality flourished to full maturity when Inuyasha grew stronger, bolder, tighter and more muscular to the purpose the place she really appeared good in wolf-Yokai prayer and Ayame growing, stronger, extra decided, and have become probably the most lovely in Inuyasha's eyes. This reached the purpose the place an enormous wedding ceremony celebration was arranged for the buddies they usually have been married. To this present day, Inuyasha has all the time admired energy, braveness, independence, crafty and elasticity, and Ayame has all the time admired Inuyasha for her power, perseverance, manhood, courage and loyalty to her.

Masataka, Masaya, Kenta, Keita, Kaito, Kazuhiko, Momoko, Motomu, Makoto, Mikoto, Maya and Minako have grown into bold, powerful, exhausting warriors with golden hearts, corresponding to Masataka, Masayan, Kentan, Kayan, Kaiton , Kazuhiko and Motomu. Utilizing your muscle tissue to battle enemies and Momoco, Maco, Motoo, Maya and Minako, use crafty and agility to stop their enemies. Their grandchildren even attempt to be as robust and courageous as grandparents and fogeys.

Ginta x Shunran: Candy, Lovey-Dovey couple who just isn’t afraid to declare their love for the entire world ]

35-year-old Ginta and 32-year-old Shunran have been married for nineteen years and are robust, proud, loving, caring, 19-year-old twin sons of Tatsuo and Takeri, boys 18 years previous Junichiro and Joichiro, 17-year-old boys Minoru and Manabu, 16-year-old daughters Sakura and Sawako, 15-year-old daughters Kokoro and Katsuho, 14-year-old son Sentaro and 13-year-old Sunako. Their three eldest sons, their youngest son, and all their daughters, at the moment are married to Inuyhasa and Ayame's three daughters, the youngest son and their three oldest sons.

Who knew how environment friendly the celebs have been to focus on when these two set each other? As younger youngsters, Ginta and Shunran all the time appeared to admire one another at the point where little Shunran gave her little Gintan a cheek on her cheek, which made her blush with joy. Once they grew up, their undying love for each other flourished even at the level of proclaiming to heaven how a lot they love one another. In response to his individual, Ginta has all the time admired Shunran for his beauty, sensitivity, fun, character, kindness and lovability, and Shunran has all the time admired Ginta as a result of he is handsome, power, fun and warm-hearted character, his kindness, generosity and his abundance of selflessness. They have been even so completely satisfied once they acquired married, they usually made positive they have been going to one another and protecting each other from all the evil.

Tatsuo, Takeru, Junichiro, Joichiro, Minoru, Manabu, Sakura, Sawako, Kokoro, Katsuho, Sentaro and Sunako have grown into lovable, compassionate, pleasant fighters, with hearts full of gold and unlimited braveness to launch. As well as, Tatsuo, Takeru, Junichiro, Joichiro, Minoru and Manabu have grown as muscular and good-looking as their father, Sentaro has grown actually good-looking and Sakura, Sawako, Kokoro, Katsuho and Sunako have grown utterly elegant. Their grandchildren have even proven a lot potential to be as lovable, compassionate and pleasant as grandparents and their mother and father.

Baki Hanma x Rosé Thomas-Hanma: Engaging Power and Limitless Loyalty Incarnate

36-year-old Baki Hanma and 33-year-old Rosé Thomas-Hanma have been married for eighteen years , and they’re proud, loving 18-year-old twin sons of Noah and Jonah, 17-year-old twin boys Matthew and Michael, 16-year-old twin boys Reiichirou and Ryotaro, 15-year-old twin daughters Susan and Samantha, 14-year-old twin daughters Miriam and Michelle, 13-year-old daughter Mika and 12-year-old Miho. Their oldest son Noo and Jonah are married to the oldest daughters of Naomi and Nami, Ichiro and Rose, whereas the opposite eldest sons, Matthew and Michael, are married to the eldest daughters of Sara and Mara, Kiibo and Winry, having their grandchildren.

Each Bakin and Rosé's lives have been rough, they usually have been pressured to undergo so many things that no other youth will ever should endure, similar to feeling like orphans in such a harsh and cruel world. orphan. Until they found each other and swore that they might remain trustworthy to one another until the top of time. Throughout his life, Baki has all the time admired Rosetta for his caring, kindness, mercy, compassionate, warm character, and the magnificent character and Rosé have all the time admired Bak for her braveness, brilliant power, wonderful fight potential, endurance and large muscular tissues. Ergo, their relationship turned out to be as robust as ever because it doesn't matter how much shit life has thrown on them as long as they’ve each other to take care of and keep as tight as one another.

Noah, Jonah Matthew, Michael, Reiichirou, Ryotaro, Susan, Samantha, Miriam, Michelle, Mika and Miho have grown as much as be uncompromising, robust and decided fighters they are and their mother and father all the time love to ensure their youngsters play fairly and hold what they do in Flying colors and help keep the dojo. Their grandchildren again enjoy the closeness they have as a family

Ichiro Miyata x Rose Anderson-Miyata: Superior Sexiness is a critical motion for these two [19659002] 35-year-old Ichiro and 32-year-old Rose have been married eighteen years, and they are proud, loving, supportive of the mother and father of 18-year-old boys Kenjiro and Keijiro, Takesh, 17-year-old boys. and Tomokazu, 16-year-old twin boys Taiki and Taiichi, 15-year-old twin daughters Naomi and Nami, 14-year-old twin daughters Noriko and Kuriko, 13-year-old Kimiko and 12-year-old Shiho. Their oldest son, Kenjiro and Keijiro, are married to the oldest daughters of Susan and Samantha, Baki and Rosé, while the other oldest sons, Takeshi and Tomokazu, are married to Nona and Nina, the second oldest of Kiibo and Winry, and of course they

Ichiro was advised all his life time all the time that he have to be primary in boxing and that he was not all the time probably the most sociable individual ever. On the other aspect, Rose all the time needed to satisfy the boys who, in her opinion, have been robust, handsome, determined and impressive. Then he met Ichiro's training, which he routinely dropped to him. At first Ichiro was shut off by Rose's flirtatious progress, however ultimately he raised him to the purpose that he informed him that he discovered him pretty pretty. This in flip made Rose really excited to satisfy a boy who has met his standards. When all is claimed and achieved, Ichiro loves Rose because she is vanity, disbelief, uncommon love and straightness, and Rose loves Ichiro for her unlimited ambition, willpower, sorrow and focus. Any more, they ended up tying the knot and elevating their youngsters on the idea of actually huge objectives.

Kenjiro, Keijiro, Takeshi, Tomokazu, Taiki, Taiichi, Naomi, Nami, Noriko, Kuriko, Kimiko and Shiho have grown to be probably the most formidable, targeted and brutal fighters who love to put their sights on a much bigger prize. Meanwhile, their grandchildren take them to the educating of their grandparents and fogeys

Kiichi "Kiibo" Miyazawa x Winry Rockbell-Miyazawa: Lovable Enthusiasm encounters supernatural power

] 31-year-old Winry has been married for eighteen years and are proud, loving, supportive, brave mother and father of 18-year-old boys, Roco and Rikiya, aged 17 years previous. Thomas and Tyler, 16-year-old boys Takumi and Tetsujiya, 15-year-old twin daughters Sara and Mara, 14-year-old twin daughters Nona and Nina, 13-year-old daughter of Church and 12-year-old – I. The eldest sons, Rokuro and Rikiya, are married to Miriam and Michelle, the opposite oldest daughters of Biam and Rosé, whereas the opposite eldest son, Thomas and Tyler, are married to Noriko and Kuriko, the second oldest daughter of Ichiro and Rose. Ergo, they're also splendidly completely happy grandparents.

Kiibo and Winry have been in direct contact with one another and every part happened in at some point as they underwent intensive training in the shade of Nanshin. Kiibo was so impressed that Winry's mixture of brilliant power, fearlessness and animal-like sand, when Winry was so impressed by the facility of Kiiba, sand and excellent sports activities. This acquired to the purpose the place Winry was 12 and Kiibo was 16. Outdoors his training, Kiibo has all the time admired Winry for his independence, braveness, self-sufficiency, intelligence and kindness, and Winry has all the time admired Kiibo for his loving character, admiring enjoyable and loyalty. By the point Kiibo reached 17 and Winry was 13, Kybo's father, Oton, obtained married because he knew what number of of them have been taking care of each other. At the moment, they still take pleasure in one another's company, and their tight household actually exhibits it.

Rokuro, Rikiya, Thomas, Tyler, Takumi, Tetsujiya, Sara, Mara, Nona, Nina, Kirika and Mina have grown to be as robust, lovable, goofy, hard-working and enthusiastic as their mother and father, seeing that they help one another within the thick and skinny, particularly when their dojo is worried. With their grandchildren, they’re just so joyful to be part of an enormous, loving household.

Ippo Makunouchi x Maya Orihara-Makunouchi: Preservation candy but spicy and delicate but thrilling for a very long time

35-year-old Ippo and 30-year-old Maya have been married for sixteen for a yr, and they’re loving, supportive and proud of their mother and father' 16-year-old twin boys Kazuya and Kazuma, 15-year-old twin boys Masashi and Masaru, 14-year-old twin boys Mitsuru and Mitsugu, 13-year-old daughter Yukari, 12-year-old daughter Tomoyo, 11 -year-old twin-daughter Yui and Yuu, and 10-year-old twin daughters Misono and Setsuna

Ippo and Maya might have the talents they’ve sharpened for many years, with Ippo and his boxing and Maya and his spelling, however when it got here to the proper to seek out individuals to be of their lives, they ended up discovering one another virtually by means of the event. When Maya was only 11 years previous, he all the time needed to observe the 16-year-old Ipods who practiced boxing and crushed him. Since then, Maya grabbed the braveness to speak to Ippo, and she or he routinely recognized how a lot she was dangerous and impressive. They have been absolutely convinced that this was a match made in heaven they usually decided to tie the knot. Ippo all the time admires Maya for her emotions, intelligence, directness and courage to attempt new issues, while Maya admires Ippo for her kindness, selflessness, loyalty and empathy

Kazuya, Kazuma, Masashi, Masaru, Mitsuru, Mitsugu Yukari , Tomoyo, Yui, Yuu, Misono and Setsuna have grown into such delicate souls with mild, loving golden hearts

Kintaro Toyama x Solty Revant-Toyama: Vivacious, Energetic, Euphoric Synergy within the Meat

34-vuotias Kintaro ja 30-vuotias Solty ovat olleet naimisissa kuudentoista vuoden ajan ja ovat rakastavia, tukevia, ylpeitä ja onnellisia 16-vuotiaita vanhempia vanhat kaksoispojat Naota ja Nobuta, 15-vuotias kaksoispojat Otaru ja Kojiro, 14-vuotias kaksoispojat Mamoru ja Kaneto, 13-vuotias tytär Fumie, 12-vuotias Etsuko, 11-vuotias twin tyttäret Houko ja Hakuno sekä 10-vuotiaat kak sois tyttäret Mayu ja Miyu.

Kintaro ja Solty parina on määritelmä osoittaa suuria määriä ehdotonta rakkautta, kunnioitusta ja uskollisuutta toisiinsa. He voivat tasapainottaa ammatillista elämäänsä etsiväinä, jotka ovat niin halukkaita ratkaisemaan kaikki asiat elämässään onnellisena parina, joka on siellä toistensa puolesta. Kintaro putosi Soltyn syvyyteen, ystävällisyyteen, makeuteen ja tytön vieressä olevaan luontoon, kun taas Solty kaatui Kintaron rohkeudelle, hessuille, rakastettavuudelle ja tietenkin jumalalliselle keholle. Päivän lopussa he eivät olisi voineet pyytää parempaa puolisoa. Lisäksi Solty rakastaa tapaa, jolla Kintaro kykenee käyttämään taisteluhenkisyyttään saadakseen itsensä pois tilanteesta, ja Kintaro rakastaa, kuinka vahva ja suuri Solty on taistelijana

Naota, Nobuta, Otaru, Kojiro, Mamoru, Kaneto, Fumie Etsuko, Houko, Hakuno, Mayu ja Miyu ovat kasvaneet yhtä huolehtiviksi, ystävällisiksi, uskollisiksi ja tukeviksi kuin vanhempansa, ja he jopa auttavat heitä ratkaisemaan tapauksia ja ylläpitämään dojoa


Sinulla on se, rakkaat lukijat ja anime-fanit. Kaksitoista kaunista pariskuntaa, heidän suhteidensa taustaa ja perheitä, ja kaikki niistä, jotka tekevät jokaisesta heistä ehdottoman mahtavan. Toivon, että kaikki onnistuivat nauttimaan tästä työstä, ja näen teidät kaikki seuraavassa esityksessä. Take care, everyone.

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Kintaro Toyama from Detective Faculty Q belongs to Seimaru Amagi and Pierrot.

Maya Orihara from Extremely Maniac belongs to Wataru Yoshizumi and Ashi Productions.

Rose Anderson and Solty Revant from Solty Rei belong to Gonzo and AIC.